At Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge, we are committed to a safe and healthy worship environment, both in person and through our shared use of social media technology.  We expect our interactions with one another to encompass a mutual atmosphere of trust, honesty, respect and inclusion for all of God’s children.  We are given the technology to enhance relationships and deepen our communication with others, and we encourage open and constructive communication among our participants and visitors.

With these thoughts in mind, we ask that all social media participants be guided by the principles outlined in the Social Media Policy when engaging with the MCCBR community through the website and social media venues.  All members, guests, and visitors are asked to read through the attached Social Media Policy to ensure that all are treated with honor and respect and so that a safe and healthy worship environment may be fostered.

Clicking the link below will forward this page to the Social Media Policy.  In order to return to this page, please press the back button of your browser.  If you wish to stay on this page, move the cursor over the link below, right click on the mouse, and choose to open the link in either a new tab or new window.

MCCBR Social Media Policy