What if I am not LGBT?

MCCBR is a Christian church for ALL people!  You will be accepted for who you are, no matter your race, national origin, creed, sexual orientation, or ability!  Christ’s ministry was characterized by welcoming ALL people into fellowship with Him.  By following His example, we are welcoming of all people!


What about membership?
Membership classes are held quarterly, providing participants with an introduction to ministry in MCC of the Blue Ridge, a history of the church, an understanding of our church’s sacraments and rites, a spiritual road map of what your ministry in MCCBR could look like, and how you can serve God through the church with your prayers, presence, gifts and service. Members of the church are able to vote at congregational meetings when we elect the Board of Directors, Lay Delegates and approve annual ministry budgets.

What about parking?
There is a large parking lot adjacent to the church.  We have ample parking for handicapped individuals as well.

What About the Lingo?
MCCBR uses certain language throughout our worship services.  One thing you may hear is our Worship Leader say “May the peace of Christ be with you!”  And, the congregation may respond with “And also with you!”  As Christ exemplified peace, we share that connection with each other by getting out of the pew and greeting each other, either with handshakes, hugs, or simply a smile.

There are other statements you may hear throughout our services, and clicking on the Question Mark icon below will help you understand some of them better.