“Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!”
Psalm 95:6

Sunday Worship, 11:00 A.M.
Worship is an essential part of our life together as a church.  Our worship services call together many different people, from diverse walks of life, to lead and join our hearts as individuals and as a collective family.
Each worship service has a unified worship theme in which everything, from the opening songs to the readings and the Passing of the Peace of Christ to the sermons, reflects our desire to learn more of what it means to live out our lives as followers of Christ.  Our worship is inclusive, welcoming, and a reflection of our mission to be a church for all people and a home for all hearts!  New and seasoned folk alike have the chance to come together to socialize, join in worship, and learn what it means to learn how to love God and serve each other.  We welcome you to experience, to explore with us, what it means to live authentically, grow spiritually, thrive creatively, and live wholly.  In addition to our American Sign Language assistance for the deaf/hearing impaired, we also seek to facilitate your worship experience by offering Facebook Live for those who might not be able to attend in-person.

Worship Participation Ministry
All of our services are supported by caring, loving, Spirit-led servants who deliberately seek to serve God through their time, talents, prayers, energies, and presence.  Whether it is a Deacon leading Communion, a volunteer welcoming you to worship, a Board of Directors member inviting you to join in the Passing of the Peace of Christ, the MCCBR Worship Participant Ministry allows each need during worship to be filled and fulfilled for all of God’s people.

Recorded Worship
Our worship services and, at times, special gatherings and meetings, are recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.  This allows you to experience our worship services and other gatherings when you cannot be present in person.

ASL:  American Sign Language
MCC of the Blue Ridge offers ASL Sign Language interpretation for our Sunday morning worship services.  Robert Mack-Clauser is our interpreter for those who require hearing-impaired interpretation.

Worship Design Ministry
The Worship Design Ministry works with the Pastor, Music Minister and Board of Directors concerning all things worship.  This ministry covers everything from altar design to assisting with music selections and even creation of worship format and content.  Whether volunteers are found changing the colors of the liturgical season or even brainstorming titles for next Sunday’s music, the Worship Design Ministry seeks to make God’s love known in tangible ways during worship (and even special event) times.