Michael Simpson, volunteer with Children’s Church

The Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge offers a “Children’s Church” which is a dynamic, interactive learning experience, centered on a loving God.

Children’s Church, as our Children’s Ministry is known, is just that, a church service for our youngest, geared to a youngster’s understanding. We strive to teach them values upon which they can build their lives.

Before the sermon, the children are dismissed by the pastor to join one another in a bright, joyful classroom.

The program is gauged to children from 1 year of age to 11.

All children in that age range are welcome and parents are free to join them to watch and help out if they so desire.

Children’s Church Classroom

Once the children are in the classroom,

they sit on colorful pillows to hear a story.

They might hear a parable or a character building lesson.

We change the story every week to keep their attention. Stories may also reflect holidays and current events that are a part of their lives.

We also collect a children’s offering to teach them the importance of giving.

We use music as a format to teach them how to praise God through song.

Finally, at the end of their service, the children are brought together in a circle for a closing prayer.

The children are taught by our own church family. We have a wonderful array of talents, skills, and mentoring styles that we can call upon to help with this Ministry.

The congregation is committed to and invested in the Spiritual growth of our youngsters.

Currently, we work with about 10 children and have about 12 volunteers to help them on their spiritual journey.

Children’s Church is a wonderful place where our youngsters are exposed to a God who has rules, but is kind and loving to everyone.

We teach of an incredible Creator who made us all, loves us all and wants all of us to be the very best we can be.

We believe in a God who is perfect and makes no mistakes.

We encourage you to come to MCCBR and bring your children.

We invite them to share in the fun, the love, and the learning experiences that Children’s Church provides.

If you would like to learn more about this ministry, feel free to call the Church office during regular business hours at 540-344-4444.

We are eager to speak to you and anxious to see your child next Sunday.

Join the excitement, get your children involved with God!