A drive to collect water, drinks and supplies for our neighbors in West Virginia will start accepting donations Monday through next Saturday. Being organized by neighbors in Southeast who are from there or have friends and relatives there.

Drop off location will be at the Metropolitan Community Church, located on the corner of Jamison Ave. and 8th Street, S.E., starting Monday from 1 PM till 6 PM, daily or later by appoint. We can arrange for larger donation by pick up truck by calling Duane Howard at 815-5335, or Carrie Crawford at 793-1241.

Desperately needed are the following items:
Cases of water or Gallons jugs
Juice and soda, basically anything drinkable (No Alcohol)
Paper plates, cups, bowls
Plastic Utensils
Sanitary wipes
Sanitizer liquids
CLEAN Empty gallon jugs

For those who receive this notice via social media, please use that valuable communication tool to pass and share this message.

Roanoker’s are known for being a very giving and caring people, imagine if we were in this horrible situation. If you have any question and would like to volunteer please contact us.

Duane Howard – 540-815-5335 – Email: Starcityflyer@aol.com
Carrie Crawford ” 793-1241 brutalcountry@cox.net