Pride in the Park is a day of celebration, and this year Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge will be offering couples the opportunity to celebrate their loving relationships through a Marriage Ceremony or a Blessing of Marriage during the festivities!

These ceremonies will be offered on Sunday, September 13, 2015, 2:00-5:00 pm at the MCC of the Blue Ridge Wedding Gazebo at Pride in the Park, Elmwood Park in Roanoke.  Couples can reserve a time before the day of Pride through or  Rev. Joe Cobb, Pastor of MCC of the Blue Ridge will officiate at the services.

Marriage is a sacred rite and an opportunity to honor the beloved in your loving relationship.  If you are already married, or were married in another state, we are also offering Blessings of Marriage so that you can include loved ones here who may not have been able to attend your wedding elsewhere.

The service will include a welcome, exchange of vows and rings, an opportunity for family/children to bless the relationship, pronouncement of marriage and kiss.  Following the ceremony, each couple will be able to celebrate with a toast (sparkling cider) and cupcakes, a photo of the occasion, and a signed certificate of holy union or blessing of marriage.  A suggested donation of $50 is recommended for this celebration.

Additional guidelines include the following:

  • Each person participating must be 18 or older. While the legal age to marry in Virginia is 16 and persons under 18 must have the legal consent of a parent or guardian, MCCBR is asking that all persons participating be at least 18 and in a relationship with the person they are sharing vows for at least one year.
  • Each couple should bring their marriage license which can be secured through any Clerk of Court in Virginia.
  • Couples under the age of 21 should plan to have a conversation with the Pastor prior to the ceremony.
  • Couples seeking to schedule a ceremony the day of Pride will be welcome on a first come, first served basis, depending on time availability. A schedule will be maintained at the celebration booth.
  • Ceremonies will not be performed for persons who are intoxicated. These ceremonies are offered in the spirit of sacred worth and respect for all who participate and witness.

For more information on having a marriage ceremony or blessing of marriage at Pride in the Park, Saturday, September 13, please contact Laura Latham at, or call the church office at 540-344-4444.