Information Meeting
Thursday, September 18
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Facilitated by Rev. Joe Cobb and the CLM Team
Open to people in the church and the community

Creating a Life That Matters is a three-course curriculum which explores ways to rediscover relationship with the Sacred, my Self, and with Passion. These three courses correspond to the spiritual experiences of being changed, gifted and called. Graduates of CLM will have been challenged to broaden their understanding of all that is Sacred; integrate their self-awareness into being authentic, aware leaders; and live their passion intentionally through the life and work of the church. CLM integrates art, scripture, music, film, journaling, and diverse spiritual resources to augment our exploration of the Christian path.

Course 1: Rediscovering Relationship with the Sacred
Course 2: Rediscovering Relationship with Self
Course 3: Rediscovering Relationship with my Passion

Cost: $70 for entire 18-week program or $25 for each individual course. All three courses must be completed in entirety to participate and graduate from CLM. Some scholarships are available to cover the cost of the class for those needing assistance.

Come and check out this incredible, life-transforming experience on Thursday, September 18.

To register, email Riley at