Have you ever experienced the freedom to worship, to truly worship as who you have been created to be?  Do you know what it is like to just simply walk into a sacred space, free from guilt and welcomed with open arms?  At MCCBR you will find that freedom, and you will be embraced with those open arms!  We are all God’s beautiful, beloved children, and our church is an extension of God’s love, grace, peace, and mercy to all.

MCCBR was founded out of a need for an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and affirming space for the LGBT community, a lighthouse leading all to a safe harbor away from the hate, discrimination, and marginalization and into the arms of unconditional love.  MCCBR strives to be a vessel of this love and light for all, regardless of one’s gender identity/transition, sexual orientation, ability, color, faith-tradition, or nationality.  As we seek to embody the light and love of Christ, we desire to also be a place of hope and healing, of learning and love, and blessing and service.

We welcome you to take a few moments to browse our website.  Our worship services are a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles, and each Sunday offers an open Communion for all who seek to take part in this Holy Meal.  Our Sunday worship services begin at 11:00AM, with ASL interpretation available.


Brief History

MCCBR was founded in June of 1986 of nearly 20 people from all walks of life, LGBT, straight/allied, black, white, seasoned, young.  Eventually, one of those 20 would discover a particular denomination which was a ministry for all people.  After much correspondence between the United Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches offices and the MCC Richmond church, it was decided to begin a New Works extension church; MCC of the Blue Ridge was born!

Click on this link to learn, in more detail, about the history of MCCBR:  Celebrate Us:  Our Past, Present, and Future

After just over thirty years of service, fellowship, connection, and ministry, and spiritual transformation, as well as three address changes, MCCBR now has permanent roots in one of Virginia’s historical landmarks, the original Belmont United Methodist Church building.  The landmark status of the building is just one indicator of the importance of MCCBR, for this space sets itself apart as that safe, welcoming, and personal community for Roanoke and beyond.  Being a church that is safe, welcoming, and personal has paved the way for connections in the community and beyond.  There are ministries within and beyond the doors of the church, serving as the hands, heart, voice, feet, and love of Christ.  MCCBR offers an eclectic worship service, but worship is not the only avenue of connection available.  The church works in community service and social justice capacities as well as simply offering safe, joyful spaces for all to connect with each other.

From the moment MCCBR opened its doors, people from all walks of life have entered in and found warmth, joy, laughter, and even a few tears.  The space that is MCCBR welcomes everyone, giving comfort to those who need it, connection with those who seek it, and unconditional love for all who entered in. We want to share us with you, and we invite you to come be a part of our community, of our family as we seek to make God’s love real to the world.