Spiritual Formation and Education

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (ESV)
Psalm 119:105

As a church following the Triune God, we realize that spiritual formation is necessary to grow in the knowledge of our God, our faith, and how we might live, work, and serve each other and the world.  This growth is meant to be transformational, creating within us a newness of life as well as nudging us to be all we can be in our faith journey.  Learning how to live out this faith is crucial as we seek to answer God’s call to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves.

Spiritual Formation Class
In addition to the weekly Sunday Services that help us with growing in our faith, we also offer a specific spiritual Formation course:  The MCCBR Spiritual Formation Class.

This class covers a wide variety of topics, from salvation to forgiveness and gender ghosts and psychics.  Meetings are led by Biblical student, Cathy Fisher, and every gathering includes lively, open, and frank discussion.

The Class meets at 6:30 PM every other Thursday (unless otherwise noted).  So, come on over and join the conversation as we gather to study God’s Word together!

CLM:  Creating a Life That Matters
Creating a Life That Matters is a transformational, three-course curriculum centering on how we might rediscover relationships.  As the MCC Churches website notes, the CLM course is about “intentional, authentic relationships—with the Sacred, our Self, and our Passion.”  CLM weaves together “art, Scripture, music, film, journaling, and diverse spiritual resources to augment” the “exploration of the Christian path.”  The course “transforms lives and inspires people to more directed, clear, passionate involvement in their life and in the life of the planet, through the support of their local MCC,” MCC of the Blue Ridge.

MCCBR has historically offered this course once a year.  Please keep checking back periodically for announcements concerning the next meeting of this amazing, transformational course!  If you wish to know more about CLM, please click HERE.  For a printable CLM information flyer, please click HERE.