On the first Sunday in Lent of 2014, an artist named Walt Hodges sat in front of a large blank canvas.  As the worship service began, he opened his spirit to God’s creative energy and began painting as inspired.  Throughout the service and during the sermon, he continued to paint and focus on how Jesus came into the world as a revolutionary artist, bringing forth the creative spirit in everyone he encountered.

Over the next forty days, over fifty other artists from the congregation and community added their brush strokes and colors to the painting.

On Sunday, April 27, the painting was unveiled in worship as a source of inspiration for all who gather in this sacred space.  The painting is the first created by the congregation of MCC of the Blue Ridge and will hang in the Welcome Center of the sanctuary.

Our gratitude to Walt Hodges for getting us started and to all who helped portray how Jesus has revolutionized our lives by setting free our creative spirit!